The Terrace Garden Restoration, September 2010

Date of Completion: September 2010
$18,260 Restoration of the Terrace Garden, including cleanup and replanting of 5,000 sq. ft. adjacent to one of the most highly visible areas of the Garden.

The terrace area at the Garden overlooks magnificent Swan Lake, and it is the most frequently visited section of the property. It is a common backdrop for photos, and many brides can be seen posing there at all times of the year. The land adjacent to the lake, known as area 12, houses tall oaks and beautiful foliage, but until recently much of the beauty of its nearly 5000 square feet was obscured by a great deal of overgrowth, and many invasive species were threatening to overtake it completely.

The Garden Fund’s board of directors targeted the renovation of this area as a worthy undertaking, and after careful consultation with Parks’ director Loren Matthews and horticulturist Craig Morrel, plans were made to clear the site. Approval was received from the Village Council and the Historical Review Board, and the work began soon after.

The walkway leading up to the terrace now affords a much more open vista, and as visitors ascend the ramp toward the lake, the section to the right is completely cleared, beautiful plants can be seen throughout, and a true sense of the depth and scale of the area has come to life.

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